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Sperry Bands
BAND BOOSTER CLUB: "Makin' Scents Candles" Fundraiser


1.   Orders will be taken from Sep. 23 thru Oct 6.
2.  Collect the money at the time you take the order.
3.  Money and orders to be turned-in on Monday, Oct 7.
     Carrie Dickerson will be in the band room to take orders & money.
4.  The candles sell for $10.00 each.
5.  Stress to your customers that this is a Band Booster Club fundraiser   
     and that the Booster Club is helping to support the Sperry Band Program.
6.  Selling CANNOT take place on the Sperry Schools Campus during
     school hours.
7.  The candles are 16 ounces and burn for 60 to 80 hours.
8.  If you have any questions, contact Carrie Dickerson at 288-2731.


Sperry Band Boosters