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Sperry Bands
Sperry Band Boosters

Next Meeting: October 7 @ 7:00pm in the Band Room
Booster Club Meeting Minutes from September 2, 2003:
     Date:  Nov 1    5-8pm
       Advertising:  Earleen Printz
       Food Prep:  Barbara Dail, Kathy  Freeman
       Donations:  David Freeman, Paula Inks
       Serving:  Mary Smith
       Pie Auction:  David Freeman, Debbie Summers, Paula Inks, Earleen Printz
       Pie Auctioneer Contact:  Teri Patrick
       Silent Auction Donations: ???
       Silent Auction Set-up:  Paula Inks
       Silent Auction Follow-up:  Teri Patrick
We will need LOTS of help in preparing and hosting the chili cook-off.  Sign-up sheets will be posted in the band room.  This is a MAJOR fund raising project for the booster club.
     Date:  December 13
     Place:  Sperry Armory
     Coordinator:  Paula Inks
Sign-up sheets for workerswill be in the band room.
We will need help setting-up on Dec. 12;  operating the concession stand on Dec. 13; operating the band craft booth on Dec. 13; tear-down & clean up at the conclusion of the fair on Dec. 13.
    Date:  Saturday, Sept 20 from 9:00am to 12:00pm
8 teams of students & parents will pick-up trash along 106th Street from Hwy 11 to Hwy 75.
Parent Team Leaders
     Teri Patrick
     Paula Inks
     Mary Smith
     Connie Foster
     Barbara Dail
     Kathy Freeman
Teri Patrick will provide "trash pokers".
We will stock pile the full bags near the intersection of 106th Street & Hwy 75.   Tulsa County maintenance will transport the trash to the landfill.
Another Trash pick-up day will be scheduled in the spring.
Mr. Alan Holcombe will pay the band $1000.00 for this community service project.  THANKS MR. HOLCOMBE!!!
Uniform Moms
     Paula Inks
     Barbara Dail
     Connie Foster
     Mary Smith
     Denise Keith
     Deanna Oakley
Water Cans & Cups @  Marching Band Performances
     David Freeman
     Kathy Freeman
     Bob Dail
     Barbara Dail

BAND BOOSTER CLUB: Cartridges for Kids Fundraiser