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Sperry Bands
Sperry Band's Christmas Concert--Dec. 12 @ 7:00pm

Sperry Band Parents:

You are cordially invited to the 2002 Sperry Band Departments Winter Music Program on Thursday, December 12 at 7:00pm.

The program will include the 5th Grade Beginning Band, the 6th Grade Middle School Band, High School Jazz Band and the High School Band.

Immediately following the concert, a reception will be given in the band room for you, your student, friends, and relatives.

We are asking that each students provide the following items for the reception:

HS Clarinets, Baritones, Tenor Saxs, & Bass Clarinets: Finger Sandwiches

HS Trombones & Tubas: 1 Bag of Chips

HS Flutes: 1 container of Dip

HS Alto Saxs: 1 package of Cookies

HS Trumpets: 1 package of Orange Sherbert

HS Percussion & French Horns: 1 2 liter bottle each of Hawaiian Punch & Sprite

6th Grade Trumpets & Trombones: 1 platter of Finger Sandwiches

6th Grade Clarinets: 1 bag of Chips

6th Grade Flutes: 1 container of Dip

6th Grade Percussion & Saxs: 1 Package of Cookies

5th Grade Trumpets & Trombones: 1 bag of Chips

5th Grade Clarinets: 1 container of Dip

5th Grade Flutes & Percussion: 1 platter of Finger Sandwiches

5th Grade Sax: 1 package of Cookies

Students should drop-off their reception items in the band room by 6:45pm & then be in their designated seats in the auditorium by 6:50pm.

Parents of 5th grade students should save a seat for their student to sit in after their performance.


I am looking forward to seeing you at the concert!




Jay Martin

Band Director

Sperry Public Schools

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